E-permission Manager

Software to collect e-permissions in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Our permission software is based on best practice

E-permission – the personal consent of key personnel to receive email or other electronic communication – enables modern, digital dialog, typically much faster and more efficient than traditional communication.

Communication is optimized to ensure quick and easy consent from your target groups. All requirements and rules – not least those of the GDPR – are strictly complied with, e.g. instructions for deleting contact details.

CDM People’s call center has successfully collected e-permission from thousands of healthcare professionals in the Nordic region on behalf of international pharmaceutical companies. The cloud solution is based on best practice gained from this service.

There are three elements to e-permissions

  • Telephone calls
  • Emails are sent with personal, one-click-consent links
  • Approved e-permissions and statistics are recorded and saved

CDM’s E-permission Manager controls the entire process, from start to finish, using a secure, user-friendly cloud solution.

User-friendly cloud solution 

The cloud solution is easy to learn and use. All communication with your target groups is tailored to your company and brand. 

HTML emails with interest codes, registration of bounce and beacon hits, etc. are controlled via the E-permission Manager’s dispatch module.

Select a solution to suit your needs

You may want to handle everything yourself, or you can let CDM People – or another operator – make the calls for you and enter data in the system.

It goes without saying that all collected e-permissions and data belong and will be sent to you. 

Marie Louise Borberg

Business Unit Manager, CDM People

Direct +45 5138 8169
Email mlb@cdm.dk