Access to Healthcare Professionals in the Nordic Countries

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Cloud Software: Self-manage your e-permission portfolio

Obtain and manage your e-permissions in a safe and easy-to-use cloud solution or choose an on-premise version.


What we offer

Direct access to healthcare professionals in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Effective patient dialog services conducted by skilled nursing teams. Obtain e-permissions from HCAs to establish a digital dialog with them in compliance with GDPR. We also provide e-permission cloud services.

Who we are

Our vision is to optimize the dialog between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals in the Nordic countries in order to convey the latest medical advances and provide the best solutions for patients.

Be part of a success

CDM People Pharma Access works for several of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. We are currently looking for Nurses and Medical Callers who are fluent in at least one of the Nordic languages.


Nordic Expertise

CDM Pharma Access provides teams of well-trained Medical Callers, including nurses with Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish backgrounds.

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Nordic Data

Reach out to the HCP target groups of most interest to you. Our partner company, aPureBase, is a single-source global pharma data provider. Get quick and easy additional information and contact data on relevant HCPs from here.

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